Single Stream Dosimetry

The all-in-one tool that makes monitoring personal dose data simple.

Who is it for?

Single Stream Dosimetry is designed for individual wearers and small-scale dosimetry programs, including veterinarian and dentist offices, that require 1-4 dosimeters. Powered by DoseNav from Versant Physics and accessible anywhere an internet connection is available, Single Stream Dosimetry is the answer to your radiation safety needs.

Single Stream Dosimetry provides unrivaled flexibility combined with secure, up-to-date dose data. Whether you’re between appointments, or always on the go, Single Stream Dosimetry featuring the Instadose+ lets you focus on what’s most important:
Doing quality work.

What's Included?

Instadose+ Dosimeter

instalink USB

Access to dosenav

technical support

on-demand readings

Take control of your dose data today.

$129 / Annually