Odyssey Software

A cloud-based radiation safety software suite for the central administration of radiation safety programs.

Who Odyssey Is For

Odyssey radiation safety software can be used in hospitals and healthcare programs, pharmaceutical companies, universities, and clinics. It is also usable in a variety of diverse industries including manufacturing, energy, construction, agriculture, and more.

Software Benefits

Odyssey reduces the overall cost, risk of misplaced records, and time-consuming administrative tasks associated with traditional radiation safety management methods. It increases productivity and streamlines your workflow processes for more efficient management.

User-Friendly Modules

12 modules assist with radiation safety-related tasks like machine management, scheduling calibration, inventory-source management, radioactive material waste management, personnel dosimetry program management, reporting, and online training.

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Gain access to the inventory tracking and personnel dosimetry radiation safety modules and take a guided tour with instructions on how to upload and utilize your actual data into the software.

Odyssey Software Modules


Customizable widgets and reporting tools help users effortlessly manage their badge programs.

Featuring a custom at-a-glance information relating to the account and location. Customizable widgets allow users to visualize pre-set metrics including read activity, ALARA status of wearers, a user watch list, recently added personnel and badges, and abnormal readings. The data in each widget can selected for more information or exported as CSV or PNG files at any time.

Vendor Matching
Supports Landauer and Mirion dose data, which allows users to combine data from separate dosimetry suppliers into one comprehensive user profile.

Electronic Reporting & Form 5 Generation
Odyssey features electronic ALARA reporting and Form 5 generation for effortless, intuitive reporting. Reports can be sent directly to the wearer’s email address on file for feedback and signatures. Reports can also be sent to the wearer’s manager.

Query Feature
Users have the ability to find detailed information on personnel, badges, and doses on their dosimetry accounts. Query results can be easily downloaded as CSV files and frequently used queries can be saved for future use.

Store and track machine information and locations.

Machine Profiles
Each machine has a dedicated profile which lists information including the unit’s serial number, responsible owner, location, permit, and user-specified information. Relevant documents, such as those from registrations or surveys, can be directly uploaded to individual machines.

Sites have their own profile of contact and registration information. View the machine inventory at each site in the system, as well as upload documents to specific locations.

Create Labels & QR Codes
With the click of a button, users can create labels and QR codes which can be printed in-house and applied directly to the machine. Scanning the QR code takes the user to the machine’s profile.

Store and track device information and location.

Site profiles include contact information for the location and any devices and uploaded documents associated with it. Secondary sites can be added by authorized personnel to further structure the account beyond the primary site.

Each device has its own profile with information, checkout, and QR tab. Track the device’s site, owner, and serial number, any associated devices, and relevant calibration documents or certificates.

Devices can be checked out to different sites. The checkout will list the user who checked out the device and the time stamp of the checkout. A checkout history is listed to track the device’s past and current location.

Create and maintain a database of radioactive material.

Inventory Holdings List
This section provides an inclusive table of information about radioactive material for the entire account. The current activity of the radioactive material is automatically calculated via its half-life.

Master Tables of Isotopes & Compounds
Comprehensive tables for isotopes (including name, half-life, and bioassay limit) and compounds (name, isotope, manufacturer, identifier, and physical state) on the account.

Sealed Sources & Leak Tests
In this separate section, closely monitor sealed sources and their owners, locations, and associated permits. Leak test results may be entered and linked to individual sources.

The permission system for the inventory tracking, machine management, and equipment catalog modules.

Permit Profile
Each permit has a dedicated profile of information that includes authorized personnel, radioactive material, machines, and devices. Permit conditions, completed audits, and forms are also found on this profile.

Authorized Condition Database
Create and view authorized conditions included on permits. Previously created authorized conditions are listed with their code, category, and description.

Permit Enforcement
Information specified on a permit not only serves as a record of that permit, but also controls what can be added to other modules. The location, owner and type of radioactive materials, machines, and equipment can be enforced by permits.

Permit Audits
Perform permit audits, mail the results to relevant personnel, and track responses to non-compliances.


Create and maintain a database of radioactive waste from cradle-to-grave.

Users can specify which action has been taken with the waste located at a certain site or location including methods of disposal.

Waste Types
Create or edit waste types specific to your organization or waste removal processes. Users  can also run a report to see all of the different waste types of the primary site.

Add new or closed containers, archive waste containers once they’ve been removed from the closed waste containers list via a waste transaction. Users can also organize containers that are actively gathering waste at an organization.

Create online courses or transfer existing internal courses to an online format.

Manage & Create Courses
Courses can be created, edited, and deleted from the “Manage Courses” section. Add modules, chapters, and quizzes as well as media files like videos or document resources, and leave important messages for test takers.

Manage Users
Users can be assigned or unassigned to generated courses from within the module. The course status for assigned users can also be accessed by each user’s name.

Course Certificates
For additional verification of completion, when a user completes a course, the user receives a course completion certificate.

Generate customizable reports on inventory holdings, personnel, permits, audits, labs, machines, equipment, and more data within Odyssey.

Email Reports
Users can email any currently generated report to both users from the drop-down menu and non-users through manual address entry.

Automated Reports
Any report generated within the reporting module can be set to automatically generate and send to user-specified recipients via email from the Automated Reports tab.

Build electronic versions of forms used within your radiation safety program.

Form Builder
Create personalized forms with the help of easy-to-use icons and elements such as text, image, and radio questions, signature and date fields, question validation and comments sections. All forms created can be accessed and filled out within Odyssey.

Compare multiple completed forms to track responses and analyze the acquired data.

PDF Templates
Create and edit form header and footer templates with your organization’s branding that apply to forms when converted to PDFs. Create multiple templates for different form needs.

Easily collaborate and share documents from the module-wide document storage center.

Document Library
Upload documents, apply site tags to individual files for filtering purposes, rename files, and create folders for easy navigation. Users can also revert to previous iterations of documents. The latest three versions of a document are stored for retrieval with the last saved date and version number.

Easily edit image files for quicker turnaround on simple image modifications.

Create and Edit Blueprints
Easily upload new image files or open previously uploaded images from the document library. A series of editing tools allow users to draw and make modifications to the canvas. This feature eliminates the need for users to edit files outside of Odyssey and then upload the edited file to the document library.

Track information related to injury, illness, radiation safety events, identification of hazards, near misses, and other incidents in the workplace with the Incident Management module. The module features a user-friendly dashboard for easy tracking and analysis. It  helps RSOs and EHS managers correct problems quickly and prevent future incidents relating to personnel and/or workplace safety and radiation safety events. The module also allows you to efficiently follow-up with open cases and analyze trends in logged incidents, making it easier to create a safe, compliant workplace for you and your staff.

Odyssey how to series

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