Regulatory Support

Our experienced Internal Dose Specialists, Radiation Safety Officers, health physicists, and medical physicists provide a variety of regulatory support services including shielding calculations and design, radiation safety officer support, and full program compliance audits.

state registered

Versant team members are registered or licensed to perform physics services in every state.

Specialized care

We provide RSO Services and regulatory support for large companies, university healthcare programs, and hospital systems with multiple sites.


We believe in becoming a member of your team and working together to achieve common goals.



Shielding Evaluation & Design

Whether you are looking to modify an existing shielding setup, construct a new room, or install a new machine, our team can assist every step of the way.


We work directly with radiation safety officers, construction firms, an architects to provide site-specific, full-service radiation shielding design plans and radiation protection programs for your facility.


We offer shielding services for facilities of all kinds, including hospitals, pain clinics, chiropractor and dental offices, mobile teaching labs, and university medical programs.

Equipment Expertise

Our experience covers a range of equipment including dental units, mobile c-arms and Cone-beam CTs, as well as high energy Linacs and even Proton Therapy units and Cyclotrons. We also work with different shielding material options including non-lead materials to meet regulatory guidelines and ALARA principles.

Surveys, Audits, & Support

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Our team will check the integrity of new and existing shielding construction to verify there are no cracks, breaks, or inconsistencies.

Our physics team will ensure your diagnostic and therapy radiation units are performing according to manufacturer specifications and regulatory requirements.

Let our team perform full, site-specific compliance audits for your license type. We identify areas of concern in your program and find solutions to prepare you for a regulatory inspection.

We offer comprehensive quarterly reviews of your site’s radioactive materials license, equipment testing, and overall compliance testing for your entire program.

We conduct state-required surveys to make sure all public and restricted areas are within the limits set forth by the States and the NRC.

We offer short or long-term support, remotely or on-site, to help your program maintain compliance across all areas of radiation safety.

Our board-certified physicists have experience with all aspects of the field and can offer quality consultations to determine the best course of action for your program.

We can handle the state registration process for service providers with radiation machines from application to renewals.

Additional Specialties

Safety Culture Reviews

Clinical Internal Dosimetry

Personnel Dosimetry Management & Support

Customized Training

Patient Trial Clinical Support

License Support

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Our team’s combined decades of experience in all aspects of radiation safety in healthcare makes us the ideal choice for your regulatory support service needs.